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Welcome to CSI icons. This is a place where people can share the icons and/or graphics they’ve made from CSI, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York.

1. If you’re posting more then three icons or a large graphic you must use an lj cut.

2. Every person has their own guidelines for taking their icons and most of the time those rules are listed in the post. FOLLOW THEM.

3. No linking to friends/members locked entries. There will be none of this: Here are two icons, the rest are at my community but you need to join to see them. This place is for sharing, not a way for you to get more people to friend your icon journal. HOWEVER, posting to an entry that stays open for a week or so, then is locked and says so in your post is allowed.

4. Regarding spoilers, we have the same policy as csi. For two days after a new episode airs, you are not allowed to post any teaser icons from that episode here. Not sure what that means? Here is an example: Say you just made a whole bunch of icons from the newest episode of CSI which airs Thursday. The next time you’d be able to post teaser icons from that episode would be on Saturday. Got it? Good.

5. Speaking of teasers, all teasers must relate to CSI (or whichever show you’re making icons of).

6. Spamming for other communities is not allowed. You can promote your own icon journal or community only in a post accompanied by icons/ graphics related to CSI.

7. Requests are made here. You are to make your request following the guidelines at that post. Do not make a post asking for something. Most of the time when people do that, they request the same thing over at the other CSI communities and thus clog up people's friend pages. The request post was designed to generate less traffic.

8. This might seem obvious but you never know.. Only post icons/ graphics that you’ve made. You know what it’s called when you post someone else’s work? Stealing.

9. Last but not least, any rule violations can lead to your post being removed. And really, that doesn’t sound like fun, does it?

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